Saturday, September 18, 2010

I've been thinking quite a lot lately.

I've read some good parables here. Now you have to understand that I don't buy into organised religion, or Christianity as such, but some of Angry Jesus' parable have a weird kind of truth to them. Crows seem to be a constant in his writing. I think that he uses them as a metaphor for the view of the masses, the public at large, the great unwashed - the group described by many names. Albanians use the words "shumë njerëz", which has a nice ring to my ears.
The parable of the talents demonstrates, I think, that a servant (read 'son' here) who has let his master (read 'father') down by not investing his money still instinctively tries to protect him from the shumë njerëz.
I guess that message touches me somewhere down low.


  1. Your posts are getting better. Maybe time will be your enemy. By that I mean that you need to get your arse into gear and bloody produce something that isn't drivel.

  2. "I guess that message touches me somewhere down low"

    Reckon you've been touching yourself down there too bloody much.