Sunday, July 20, 2014

Some things to think about.

Could God make a stone so big that even he couldn't lift it?
Ha ha, sorry I'm playing with your minds today when I should be playing the double bass.
Actually big stones are usually called rocks. So, how big does a stone have to be to become a rock?
The Rolling Stones play Rock music, so why didn't they name themselves The Rolling Rocks?
Sorry but I'm a thinking kind of guy. My head is in overdrive all the time.
Why does G# major sound harder that Ab major? Comes down to the thinking involved. The degree of difficulty implied. I'm sure that God could make a very big stone that didn't have to be a rock at any point of its resizing. Still would there be a point where it would become too big for him to lift? Only a sissy god couldn't life a stone, you may think. A rock sounds heavier, just like G# major seems harder because it contains F double sharp.
Wowa! That's enough thinking for one afternoon!
Hey, but that's what I do.
So long for now.


  1. Funny but God's not really into muscles. and oxens evidently. Though I could be wrong. G# sounds the same as Ab on my piano when it works, which it doesn't much these days...

  2. Ah but I love those double sharps!

  3. Get back into Richard's underpants*

    * Yes, I know, It's not palatable but hey, it's where you came from - sorry that sounded a bit rude - originated from.