Wednesday, December 15, 2010

He's coming soon!

I'm talking about Father Christmas/Santa/St Nicholas/The Big Guy in Red!
Christmas is a time when the average guy lets his guard down a little. He thinks about family, friends and good chair. Hey, that's not a spelling mistake, I meant to say chair because December is a time when a thinking guy takes time to think...
Where am I going? What's this thing we call 'Universe'? Are there a lot of gay cats? How much money exists in the world? Do dolphins have a language that lets them express love? Can everything on this planet be counted? Are women like gay men with breasts and no tackle?
There are so many questions for us thinkers to answer over the festive season. Rest assured that I will be onto it for you this Christmas. I'm expecting to make quite a spurt!


  1. Where is your angle grinder?

  2. "Where is your angle grinder?"

    Second, don't you mean "what is your angle, wanker?"